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what is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention – of being deeply attuned to yourself, your environment and those around you from moment to moment. It is a natural state of mind – focused, present and aware. Rooted in ancient meditation traditions, mindfulness can be learned and practised by anyone, no matter what their religious or cultural background. The approach to it that we take is completely secular.


Over the past thirty years, mindfulness skills have been taught with great effect in behavioural medicine and mental health settings as well as in corporations, schools, law courts, legal practices, prisons, and government agencies.


There is a very considerable body of research that speaks of its effectiveness in a wide variety of contexts. NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends it as a frontline treatment for relapsing depression.


mindfulness courses


Seeking ways to cope with stressful life situations, low moods, anxiety?
Or simply interested in exploring the nature of your own awareness?
The courses will explore how mindfulness can help in your daily life.


The courses last eight weeks, and comprise of a 2.5 hour weekly sessions. Over the 8 weeks you’ll be instructed in a range of Mindfulness meditation practices plus encouraged to practise mindfulness in everyday activities. CDs with instructions and personal guidance will help you practise at home. You don’t need any previous meditation experience, and the courses are entirely non-religious and secular. The cost includes ongoing phone support during the course.


Cost of 8 week course: £190

(concessions are available for those on low income)

A preliminary one-to-one discussion will clarify any questions

before you start.

Find out more by contacting:


or telephone: 07792784451


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